What is TechCoin (TCI)?

TechCoin is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform with its own digital coin, the TCI, an e-wallet and a robust decentralized marketplace.

Where can I buy TCI?

At the moment, the only way to obtain TCI is by buying from existing TCI holders. You can get started with your cryptocurrency portfolio by buying your TCI and managing them on your TechCoin wallet.

Do I need a digital wallet to buy TCI?

Just like other cryptocurrencies, TCI requires a digital wallet address. But unlike the rest, TechCoin has its own fully functional wallet that you can use to store your coins. Simply create an account with TechCoin, and a digital wallet will be integrated automatically to your account. You can use this wallet address for receiving and sending Techcoins, as well as purchasing items in the marketplace.

What makes TechCoin different than other existing blockchain systems?

TechCoin is a unified platform with a complete ecosystem built around it – a secure wallet, a marketplace, and a payment solution. This extensive platform allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies and online transactions in a single, secure space. It runs on an advanced blockchain protocol called Quantumnode, which is, by far, one of the most scalable, fastest, and secure algorithms ever developed.

When will the TechCoin Exchange be launched?

At the moment, TechCoin is focusing its resources on the TechCoin Deals. Once we have built a stable and robust community of TCI users, we will expand our reach to the trading and exchange industry and eventually launch the TechCoin Exchange. The launch of TCI’s exchange platform will also introduce the coin to the entire crypto market where users can trade their coins with other digital currencies. Together with the eventual launch of the TechCoin Exchange, TCI will also be listed in most public exchanges to give more utility and practical use of the coin. The increasing value and utility of the TCI in the TechCoin Deals and the future exchange will also sustain the value of the coin, at the same time provide a more reliable protection to all current and future coin holders.