TechCoin Overview

TechCoin is a new cryptocurrency with its own custom blockchain protocol. It features many integrated components including an exchange, a wallet, and a payment solution, which makes it a complete and sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem closely connected with the fiat currency world. The TechCoin ecosystem offers many advantages over the existing solutions in terms of scalability, speed, security, performance, and additional useful features.

Topnotch Scalability

The TechCoin blockchain is designed to enable significantly higher processing speeds compared to many existing blockchain protocols. The protocol can perform around l0,000 transactions per second, which makes it one of the most scalable protocols available on the market.

Utmost Speed

TechCoin runs on a technology that takes mere five seconds to generate a block on average. This is definitely a much faster rate than other popular blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Secure Smart Contacts

Custom smart contacts can be coded and deployed using the TechCoin’s blockchain technology. It is designed to provide a secure yet user-friendly environment for smart contact setup and implementation.

High-Performance Exchange

TechCoin's exchange platform is built based on the state of the art ultra-low latency aggregation, smart order routing and reporting engine that is capable of sub—millisecond order processing. It supports many cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

A|—Powered Technology

Artificial Intelligence (Al) is not a new concept to the crypto industry, as such machine learning algorithms have been incorporated into several forex and crypto trading software for a long time. This Al-powered technology is seamlessly consolidated in TechCoin's ecosystem, especially on its trading platform, which provides various Al-based signals for traders and investors.

Fully Featured Cryptocurrency Wallet

TechCoin includes a multicurrency wallet that stores both private and public keys and interacts with various other blockchains. The wallet is available as a web application, a mobile app supporting both Android and iOS and a Windows desktop app, which makes it accessible from almost any device.

Fast and Secure Payment Solution

A payment solution is an essential part of any crypto software, and TechCoin has built one that enables sending of funds seamlessly from across the world. TechCoin's blockchain technology allows merchants to use this facility as a payment gateway for various e—commerce transactions with almost zero fees.

Cashless Payment Platform with a Debit Card

TechCoin features a cashless payment platform with a debit card linked to its wallet, which allows worldwide cashless transactions without charges. The debit card supports both cryptocurrencies and flat currencies with automatic conversion.

Support for both B2B and B2C

Whether a user is dealing with another business or a direct client or consumer, TechCoin is a great business solution. It is built with both B2B and B2C users in mind, making sure that each business is given the platform to improve its efficiency and profitability.

The TechCoin Ecosystem

TechCoin is a complete ecosystem that features the essential components of cryptocurrency. With its own cryptocurrency unit, all cryptocurrency features are available on TechCoin – from digital investments, trading and exchange, payment solutions, cashless transactions, digital wallet, and even its own marketplace.

The components of the ecosystem include:

  • Cryptocurrency known as TechCoin
  • Custom blockchain protocol
  • Block explorer to track the transactions
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Marketplace
  • Payment solution
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cashless payment platform
  • Own mining infrastructure