About the token sale

The token pre-sale TBA.
The currencies accepted for the sale are Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). You can also use your credit card to purchase your tokens.
The TechCoin Token (ticker symbol: TCI) is priced at €0.50.
You can participate in the token sale by following the detailed instructions at tech-coin.io This website is specifically dedicated to the sale, and all information on completing your TCI purchase will be covered there. Just click the link and read the full walkthrough on the How To Purchase section.
The minimum purchase is 50 TCI. There is no maximum investment limit, as you can purchase as much token as you want. There will be a total of 1 billion tokens for sale, half of these will be available for existing members, and the rest will be available to the public.
Yes. The platform is equipped with both simple and advanced KYC processes, as well as two-factor authentication and security-extensive vulnerability assessment. These security practices make the platform secure. The entire process is completely automated and should not take longer than 4 minutes to complete.
No. Once you completed a purchase, you can still increase your token allocation through the user portal over at tech-coin.io
Upon registration, TechCoin will issue a wallet address specific to each user. Your tokens will be sent to your personal e-wallet immediately upon purchase. The TCI will be available for public trading on at least five exchanges by 2018.
Yes, citizens and residents of the US and US governed territories can participate in the sale as long as they have completed the KYC process.

About The TechCoin Technology

TechCoin is a unified platform with a complete ecosystem built around it – an exchange, a secure wallet, a marketplace, and a payment solution. With TechCoin, everything is accessible right at your fingertips. You can manage your cryptocurrencies and online transactions in a single, secure space. Once you become a verified TechCoin member, you will also receive an international debit card for cashless transactions anywhere around the world with no additional fees. The best part about it is that you can withdraw the money from your debit card in thousands of TechCoin accredited ATMs across the globe!
TechCoin works on a unique blockchain algorithm called “Quantumnode”. This technology is a composite algorithm that offers a better and more advanced performance in terms of speed and data synchronization. It can process up to 10,000 transactions per second, making it one of the most scalable and fastest blockchain protocols every developed. To know more about the technology behind TechCoin, Read “The Blockchain Technology Behind TechCoin: What Sets it Apart”
Rewriting the fork of Litecoin as Quantumnode is done through cryptography C++ and hexadecimal vars. The latest source code of Litecoin is in accordance to the requirement and decentralized scalability of the TechCoin blockchain.
With TechCoin, there are no frameworks. In order to achieve core blockchain functionality, it works on C++ and custom protocols, as well as DS+PoW algorithms to create a stable system where the entire TechCoin processes rely. All confirmed transactions are included in the blockchain. This means the the TechCoun wallet is able to calculate their spendable balance, and new transactions can also be verified to be spending TechCoins that are actually owned by the spender. This process is kept integral and in chronological order through cryptography.
Proof-of-Work (PoW) is the original concensus algorithm in a blockchain network. This algorithm is used to confirm transaction and produce new blocks on the chain. Through PoW, miners get rewarded by competing against each other in completing the transactions in the network. Digital tokens are being sent by users within the network, and a decentralized ledger gathers all the transactions into blocks. Confirming transactions and arranging them in blocks, however, is a very crucial process. They require utmost care as they contain delicate information, and ensuring that these processes are carefully done. This is called mining, which are the responsibility of miners. We can say that the main working working principle for the mining process involves a mathematical puzzle.
By this, it means that it requires a lot of computational power to solve, which includes the following:
  • hash function, or finding the input knowing the output.
  • integer factorization, or presenting a number as a multiplication of two other numbers
  • guided tour puzzle protocol, which means that if the server suspects a DoS attack, it will require a recalculation of hash functions for some nodes in a specifically defined order. A hash is the answer to the mathematical equation, and as the network grows, it becomes more and more complex and thus, prone to more difficulties and issues. The algorithm, therefore, has to have better hash power in order to address these difficulties.
Mining is the process of confirming transactions and arranging them in blocks. This is a very essential process, as it protects the network neutrality and enforces chronological order in the blockchain. In order for a transaction to be confirmed, transactions must be packed in blocks and be verified by the network. The process of mining prevents the previous block from being modified as it would invalidate the rest of the succeeding blocks. Thus, mining makes it tough to add new blocks consecutively.
Along with the core cryptocurrency stack, we also give the following as an open source module: two mining pools, address & keys generating web-panels, load balanced seednodes, decentralized mobile apps, secure web services API, desktop wallets, test net systems, real time block explorer, and TechCoin core.

About The TechCoin Ecosystem

The TechCoin ecosystem includes our very own cryptocurrency called TechCoin (1 TCI = 1 TechCoin), a custom blockchain protocol, a block explore for monitoring your transactions, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a booming marketplace, a secure payment solution, your own e-wallet, a cashless payment platform, and a mining infrastructure.
For one, the exchange platform offers a smooth user interface, which minimizes the time and effort needed for trading. The whole process is easy -- user must register and log on to the site, then deposit the cryptocurrency in their virtual wallet. They can then select the type of trading for placing the orders. There are two trading types to choose from, one is called limit trading, where the user can trade on the desired rate of cryptocurrency. In limit trading, the cryptocurrency rate must not vary greatly from the market rate. Market trading, on the other hand, allows trading on the current market rates of the specific cryptocurrency. All transactions in the platform can be checked from time to time and users can withdraw the amount without hassle after completing the KYC process. Commision, including deposit, buy and sell, and withdrawal on both fiat and cryptocurrency, will be charged for every transaction in the platform.
TechCoin incorporates several measures to ensure the security of the platform, including two-factor authentication, KYC process, AES encryption prevention, mail ID encryption, and hot/cold wallet encryption.
TechCoin manages several mining data centers located all over the world. These facilities are in a climate-controlled environment to ensure efficient processes. A mine pool is also available for users who are inexperienced with mining, allowing them to get blocks quickly and mine from CPU-based resources.
TechCoin’s development team is composed of blockchain experts who have been involved in hundreds of successful blockchain systems in the past 20 years. Aiming to build a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform, the team is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability, usability, and security of the TechCoin system.