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About Us

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. – Dean Kamen

TechCoin is an advanced blockchain platform that aims to shape the future of cryptocurrency. A complete ecosystem is built around the program, including an exchange, a secure wallet, a marketplace, and a payment solution.

TechCoin Overview

TechCoin is the most advanced blockchain innovation that will shape the future of cryptocurrency. With its unique algorithm and faster, more efficient protocols, it is designed to up the cryptocurrency industry a notch.


Fully Featured Cryptocurrency Wallet


Topnotch Scalability

The TechCoin blockchain is designed to enable significantly higher processing speeds compared to many existing blockchain protocols.


Secure Smart Contacts

Custom smart contacts can be coded and deployed using the TechCoin’s blockchain technology.


High-Performance Exchange

TechCoin’s exchange platform supports many cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.


AI-Powered Technology

The TechCoin’s trading platform provides AI-based signals for traders and investors.

Token Allocation

Token Sale

With the goal of building a socially responsible ecosystem, TechCoin established a token sale as a reward—based crowd sale campaign. In the token sale, contributors will receive TechCoin tokens for their contributions.


ICO Structure

TechCoin will issue 1 billion TechCoin tokens at €0.50 each. The initial value of the token will be one (1) token for one (1) TechCoin. Fifty percent (50%) of the total token supply will be issued initially to members with the following bonus structure.

First Bonus
125 Million
125 Million
Second Bonus
250 Million
250 Million
Third Bonus
375 Million
375 Million
Fourth Bonus
500 Million
500 Million

Once 500 million tokens have been issued to the members, the remaining 50% of the total tokens will then be issued to the public with the following bonus structure.

First Bonus
Second Bonus
Third Bonus
Fourth Bonus

Proceeds Fund Allocation

Use Of Funds

The funds collected through the ICO will be used to cover the project expenses until the project starts making profits and sufficient cash flows to function on its own.

The key expenses where the funds collected will be used are given below:

  • 1Sales & Hardware Acquisition Cost
  • 2Sales & Marketing Expenses Cost
  • 3Software & Licence
  • 4Salary For The Developers & Consultant

TechCoin Payment Platform - Equipped with a Multicurrency Debit Card

A cashless payment platform with a multicurrency debit card is incorporated in the TechCoin ecosystem. It enables users to perform cashless transactions worldwide with no additional fees. The debit card supports both cryptocurrencies and flat currencies that are automatically converted.

The key features of the TechCoin payment platform:

  • Secured cashless payment for everyone
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • No card issue charges or annual fees
  • No transactional fees
  • Real—time transaction processing that is available 24/7
  • Multicurrency support
  • No minimum balance to maintain
  • Reward point system that can be converted into monetary value

The RoadMap

Given below are the key past and planned milestones in the implementation of the TechCoin ecosystem.


Q1 2016

Market and Technology Research


Q3 2016

TechCoin Concept Idea


Q4 2016

Idea Consensus and Validation (Scored 100%)


Q2 2017

Blockchain Development Team Formation


Q4 2017

Project Announcement for Cryptocurrency Platform


April 2018

Public Token Sale


Q2 2018

TechCoin Wallet Issuance


Q2 2018

TechCoin Trading / Exchange live TechCoin Listed in Public Exchange


Q3 2018

TCI Marketplace & Payment Solution Launch


Q4 2018

Full TechCoin Blockchain Deployment

Why Blockchain

With the many inherent advantages of the blockchain, TechCoin uses the technology as the basis of its solution. Here's why blockchain technology is the best choice for running a project as extensive as TechCoin.


The TechCoin Ecosystem

TechCoin is a complete ecosystem that features the essential components of cryptocurrency. With its own cryptocurrency unit, all cryptocurrency features are available on TechCoin from digital investments, trading and exchange, payment solutions, cashless transactions, digital wallet, and even its own marketplace.

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